Kup Murri - Saturday November 18th

Kup Murri - Saturday November 18th

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There’s not too many Aussies that can boast that they’ve wrapped an emu in gum leaves and cooked it in a hole or earth oven. Cunnamulla’s Geoff Drury can!

The taste of the meat cooked authentically using age-old Aboriginal Kup Murri traditions is indescribable.If you like your tucker, join Aboriginal bushmen at Cully Fest as they prepare the Kup Murri and leave it down the hole to cook a roast, the likes of which you’ve never had.

Kup Murri is being held in the festival precinct must book ahead as numbers are limited. The dinner starts around 6 pm on Saturday November 18th. 

Price is: $25 per Adult, $15 per child. 

Must be bought in conjunction with a festival ticket.